Natural Blue:  Indigo

Natural Blue:  Indigo

Natural Blue:  Indigo

These workshops are sure to delight!  Come learn more about the beautiful, natural color of indigo and where it comes from. 

Indigo Workshops

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Natural dyeing:  botanical inks

Mother Nature provides all!  Come learn how to make natural inks and paints using what she offers us naturally.  

Natural dyeing:  Plants

Spend the day achieving beautiful natural colors and tones using simple, readily available materials Mother Nature offers. Participants will learn the basics of preparing fabric, dye baths, mordants and more to create uniquely beautiful color palettes naturally.  


Meditative arts & collaborations

Tangles & Mandala Workshops

A mind is a beautiful thing to relax. So come, de-stress and gain the confidence while developing  amazing creative habits that nourishes your soul.  

Reading, writing & letters 

The Art of beautiful writing has seen a resurgence in recent years. It’s beautiful and a rewarding practice. It not only does lettering helps us get into a mindful state because it aids concentration and focus while creating something unique, it’s a rewarding practice. In these workshops you'll learn the basics of hand lettering, letter writing and pen-paling using traditional dip pen and ink, beautiful brush pens, pens and more. No experience required. No previous hand lettering skill needed. Suitable for adults of all ages. 

for the young people 

Natural Dyeing

We’re surrounded by nature and wrapped in textile. And from the beginning of time, everything dyed was dyed naturally. Natural dyes are the root of all modern color. This knowledge is fading away, but not if we can help it.  


These workshops include some lecture & presentation, but are mostly hands-on in order to provide participants with a full experience.  Please wear comfortable clothing. Bring a lunch and water.  Class size is limited.  Wear clothing you don’t mind getting messy.  No prior knowledge or experience required. No external dyes, inks or paints are used in eco-printing. Come curious and willing to participate.  

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