Duct tape dress forms

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I'm not at all a fan of a dress form made using duct tape. Not even a little bit----I talk about it below. I have professional half-scales, in addition to full-scale forms; and frankly, there is NO substitute.  BUT, if you have to have something and don't want to invest in a real form-consider making a half scale.  Here's a copy of photos of a half-scale I made myself. I love it and it's very useful.  I could have easily tricked it out to contain style lines and added an arm.  It's also pinnable.  Working in the half-scale is great practice and a big saver on fabric cost.  This is SO much better than a saggy full-size duct tape form.  If you're interested in making a half-scale form--let me know.  I'm having a workshop. 

My half-scale form

Admittedly, I'm pretty lucky to have a number of professional dress forms. You only need one for personal use. And probably only two or three for a general business. But, one thing is for sure--you DO need a professional dress form and probably a half scale, if you're serious at all about draping and sewing. 

Thanks to youtube many of my students talk about the "duct tape dress form".

I believe, but it's only my opinion, they're a waste a time. Sure, they look fun to make--they're also cheap to make --and easy to make. 

But, they're still a waste of time and even though they're cheap---even the nominal expense can be put to better use---maybe a fund to purchase a real dress form.  

Probably the deciding factor on whether to purchase a professional form or not is the cost. A professional dress form isn't necessarily inexpensive, but they don't cost a mint either. I'd say they average (for a standard size) $249.00. There are more expensive forms of course, but a standard form can be had for $249.00 on average. It's an investment worthwhile. 

Ditch the Duct Tape Dress Form, please, they're a waste of time, effort and money. 

Duct tape forms.....

  • lose their shape and can't be padded to your needs. Professional forms never lose their shape and its shape can be modified by using padding and cardboard. 
  • aren't a true reflection of your body. You can purchase a professional form that's customized to your needs or even purchase a ready-made form that's closest to your needs and pad in the rest of your needs. 
  • don't contain the style lines that are seamed onto a professional form.  A professional form has style lines constructed into the form.
  • don't pin well. Professional forms are pinnable, in additional to being able to roll, spin and lock in place 
  • don't have an outer cover and making one is a challenge. Professional forms have a beautiful cover and making one yourself using your form isn't difficult. 
  • don't contain arms, legs and often no neck. Professional forms have arms, including some that have collapsible shoulders, legs and necks. 
  • don't last long. Professional forms, with very basic care, last for decades. 
  • are awkward, cumbersome and don't look very good. Professional forms are beautiful and.....well.....professional. 

As with any craft, you MUST invest in the tools you need to hone your craft. 

A duct tape dress form (or a display mannequin or awkward adjustable form) does not replace a professional dress form. If you're serious---you have to get over the cost of a professional form and get what you need. Invest in yourself, skills, workmanship and craft. 

Duct tape dress forms are a cheap cute little afternoon project, but in no way shape or form can ever replace the need for a professional form, if you're serious about what you do--at all. 

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