Why fashion sketching is important and necessary.

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If you’re a designer, sketching an idea is the surest way of capturing the idea and the clearest way of explaining an idea. 

If you’re a stylist, sketching is the A-B-C way of describing your latest or newest idea, your brightest suggestion.

If you’re a buyer, sketching explains, at once, where words often fail, to the market exactly what you’re looking for, and what your customers are asking for.

If you’re a salesperson, sketching is simplest language by which you can help an undecided customer say yes. In addition, to being an impressive method of making suggestions.  

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If you’re a dressmaker, sketching is your surest guard against costly misunderstandings and an inviting ground for agreement.

If you’re a pattern maker, sketching is the simplest way to suggest practical changes-the language most understood when working with designers.

If you’re a sketcher, in sketching lines for a manufacturer accurate details are needed which don’t require the skill of the fashion illustrator.

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