Draping Classes


Everything begins with a muslin basic! That's right...it all begins right here. What is a basic?  It's the foundation of fashion design/pattern making. It's a bodice front, bodice back, skirt front, skirt back and a sleeve.  In this workshop students learn how to drape a sleeveless basic on professional half-scale form and make a flat pattern of the bodice front from the basic bodice draping; before moving up to making the sleeveless basic on the full-scale professional form.   

Enjoy and have fun!

Other information:  This is a draping class. It is not a sewing or fitting class. 

March 17, 2017

I revised the Draping document.  Please review and print at your convenience.  Metropolitan Community College will have someone from marketing on hand at some point in the day to photograph. Please be aware. I hope to be in class no later than 8:30am.  

Update:  Thank you to everyone that attending my class. I had fun passing on what I know and was so glad to see each of you be able to incorporate your own dart elements into your completed full-scale models. Everyone did a great job with that and showed alot of creativity. 


March 11, 2017 

Get Day One! Everyone did a great job and the pattern making session went off without a hitch.

We used the French curve this afternoon while pattern making.  There is a template at the top of the page. Trace it onto cardboard for your personal use and practice. 

Next Saturday we'll complete the bodice back and skirt pieces in half scale; then proceed with making an entire basic on the full-size forms before making a final bodice pattern (front and back). 

I'll post a worksheet or graphic detailing how to mark some important areas on the dress form--such as the empire waist and special hip areas, as requested, hopefully no later than Tuesday. If I'm forgetting anything else--please let me know. 

As a reminder, if I didn't mention it before, someone from Metro's marketing department will come down and talk to students and photograph some of the workshop/classroom activities next Saturday. 

I'll be in the workroom around 8:30 am on Saturday.  Everyone is welcome to arrive early.

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