Draping & Couture Construction

Draping & couture construction

It's my hope that participants progress through each workshops and learn how to utilize a wide variety of techniques and tools that build skills leading up to participants having the ability to completely design, pattern make; and execute their own garments from beginning to end, including mocking up the muslin,  not only as a design and construction tool, but as a fitting tool, which is an essential and necessary element of couture sewing and construction. 

These workshops are a great starting point for anyone interested in designing and constructing clothing and sewing as an art.  Particularly when talking about "couture" (meaning "to sew") which involves alot of hand-sewing. 

These basic workshops are a great supplement to students enrolled in fashion merchandising programs. I believe Metropolitan Community College Continuing Education department is the only area school, including high school remotely offering any draping/construction options to students and the general public. Most colleges offering fashion merchandising curriculum offer no sewing, construction or draping curriculum whatsoever in their programs.  Students must acquire those skills on their own.  

As with anyone serious about what they do-these workshops utilize professional and specific tools of the trade, including professional dress forms and pattern making tools. Participants are welcome to use what's available (with care and respect) in the workroom, however students are encouraged to invest in the tools needed to successfully grow in their fields, hobbies or professions. Supplies and additional nominal fees may be required to cover usage and other workshop participant necessities. 

At present The Shop Company is offering my students a discount on dress forms, tools and FREE shipping.  Read about the stipulations HERE

Dress forms are also available on Amazon--and if you have Amazon Prime---you can get free shipping on some forms. 


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