Classroom Couture: Hand sewing

This was no "make a pillow" class. This morning's summer class was all about hand sewing and how that sewing applies to couture construction when making garments.

Students learned about some ofthe primary hand stitches commonly used in couture hand sewing: catch stitch, herringbone stitch, two types of basting stitches, the prickstitch (and inadvertently the backstitch), overcasting and the running stitch byway of applying them to a bodice.

Students also learned how to use a thimble and wax their thread for sewing.  As an added benefit each student marked out either a bodice front or back and pinned in the darts.

The class was challenging-in that they received alot of information and are all pretty much "green". But they hung in like troopers. An entire "learning" three hours~!

What was amazing is that the troop-although young-have actively set out to learn as much as they can about sewing--hand sewing--an art in itself--but an extremely important need-to-know-esssential element couture construction.   

What a great group of future fashion designers!