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We live in a community we care about.  We are committed to improving the lives of those within our community and beyond.  

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 Mrs. Chetekia Morris, founder of I AM WILL. 

Mrs. Chetekia Morris, founder of I AM WILL. 

Chetekia morris

Founded in 2011, I AM WILL, is a community mental health assistance and resource center.   

To date, I AM WILL, has connected more than 700 clients to needed community resources.

That's something to be proud of.  

Morris walks the talk. 

A dedicated networker and advocate for the community, in particular for those who need it most: the homeless and individuals and families navigating through mental illness issues, Morris and I AM WILL, help by connecting those in need to resources and services they need as they journey toward recovery.  Especially those that may have fallen through the cracks of existing social service networks. 

Besides having practical experience, Morris is sincerely compassionate and committed to serving as a mental health advocate and supportive assister for the community.  

 Mrs. Kristee Nash, health minister

Mrs. Kristee Nash, health minister

kristee nash, health advocate

A health minister, Kristee Nash, began her journey as a Health & Wellness at Joy of Life Ministries in Omaha, Nebraska.  

Nash first became interested in leading a healthier life after being diagnosed with diabetes after which she also decided to become an advocate for others with health issues to develop collaborative networks with neighborhood and community groups, agencies and health systems. 

Information and knowing is power. 

Nash says, "Its a struggle, but I stay active and informed to assist the community in knowing what's available as it relates to better health and availability.  It's important for youth, adults and for everyone". 

Nash is part of the  CHI Health Faith Community Health Network and other local agencies, promoting health, healing and wholeness.  

Nash is also active in her community by raising money and resources to feed and clothe people and a number of other activities in and around the community.

 Mrs. Calandra Cooper, entrepreneur and publisher. 

Mrs. Calandra Cooper, entrepreneur and publisher. 

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