At Center Studio 518, I teach in a fun, inspiring-social environment; instructing in a method that’s casual, hands-on and informational.  Center Studio 518 is intimate and because workshops are limited in size, learners have plenty of access to me.  

I want learners (you) to feel capable and encouraged during and after my workshops to go further with their (your) individual creative journeys.   

Don’t get me wrong, my draping, flat pattern making, sewing and dressmaking workshops are intensive.

They are.  

But, that's part of their beauty when taken at Center Studio 518--they're enjoyable, but they're serious business.  And are meant to up your game--or get you into the game. 

Learners must show up willing to participate and learn.  And while I teach, help, guide, assist and I'm here for learners; I do not hold hands.

Learners must be dedicated to the task.  My workshops aren't for slackers and excuse makers. 

And while there’s a strong emphasis on active participation, quality and beautiful handmade-not "homemade", there’s no focus on perfection--you are free to learn, encouraged to take your time and master individual skills.  

Center Studio 518 is a noncompetitive environment. Divas and bad attitudes are encouraged to go elsewhere. 

I'm that honest. 

Center Studio 518 isn't Project Runway.  

I am not a YouTube instructor or crafting website copycat.

I receive the MAJORITY of my personal learning by self-learning and self-study-- using good old-fashion (literally) books, trial, error, hard work and practice, practice and more practice.

Center Studio 518 is my workroom.

Please join me. 

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Location:  The Center- Suite 518, 1941 South 42nd Street, Omaha, NE. 68105

  • Patternmaking and alterations are NOT one in the same.  Center Studio 518 workshops may include elements of altering as they relate to pattern making and dressmaking; workshops aren't meant to teach alterations. 
  • Workshops are limited to 4 participants per workshop to aid in learning.  
  • On occasions I may also have an assistant in the workroom with us. 
  • Workshops have distinct hours, however to encourage self-learning and to ensure participants have adequate time to practice participants are allotted scheduled open studio hours. 
  • Professional/industry standard supplies and tools are provided for use during workshops, including the use of professional dress forms.  Participants are encouraged to purchase the supplies needed to continue their craft and/or to participate  in additional workshops.  If you're truly dedicated to your craft you must invest in it.  Personal tools and supplies may be purchased through the instructor. 
  • In Levels 1-3 draping workshops-participants learn to fashion drape on both half and full-scale on professional dress forms. 
  • For all draping workshops, students must bring:  5 yards of muslin (100% cotton fabric), an invisible fabric marker and a flexible tape measure.  Again, items may be purchased from the instructor with advance notice.  
  • Private lessons, strictly one-on-one, are available and scheduled on Sundays, beginning in August.   A minimum of 2 hours is required.  Rates are $30/hour.  Fees are payable in advance. 

  • Payment plans for workshops are available.  A deposit is required and is non-refundable.  
  • There are no refunds.  Please read through all class descriptions carefully. Once registered, classes may not be changed, transferred, or cancelled. By registering for one of my workshops you agree to my terms and conditions.  Refunds are not issued after payment is submitted.  Workshop fees, including paid-in-full registrations, installment payments and/or deposits are not refundable and are nontransferable. 

Other information (please inquire):

  • Workshops are available for organizations, businesses and professionals.
  • Workshops for children and teens are available. 
  • Discounts:  15%-off draping workshops for former participants, including Makerhood participants, children/teens 9th grade and younger.

Tools & Supplies (available for purchase):

  • Draping and pattern making tools & supplies
  • Purchase dress forms.  Payment plans are available.  Deposit required. 
  • Short-term dress form rental.  Deposit required. 


Hand sewing & Tambour


Basic fashion draping

Basic Draping

We’ll explore the beautiful world of hand sewing by learning and then applying a variety of permanent and temporary hand stitches to pattern pieces.  Learn, not limited to, how to use a thimble, wax thread, attach underlinings, use thread-tracing and tailor tacking and more.  No sewing machines  allowed.  A vintage sewing pattern is provided for use in class.  

These workshops are great for anyone wanting to learn how to sew by hand; even if you have no prior sewing experience, to improve your hand sewing or to learn new hand sewing skills. 


The beautiful are of element often used in couture sewing. 

These workshops are perfect for the beginning draper or for anyone who's previously taken a draping class and would like a review.   

Each component includes a comprehensive lecture/demonstration on dress forms, grain and fabric blocking.

Level 3:  5-Day Workshop >>>Cost:  $256.00

  • Participants will learn how to drape a complete basic (bodice front, bodice back, skirt front, skirt back and sleeve).  This workshop includes flat pattern making instruction.  

Level 2:  4-Day Workshop >>>Cost:  $192.00

  • Participants learn how to drape a complete sleeveless basic (a basic dress which includes the bodice front, bodice back, skirt front and skirt back).

Level 1:  3-Day Workshop >>>Cost:  $158.00

  • Participants learn how to drape a basic sleeveless bodice front and back. This workshop is taught in full and half-scale.  

 ** There is a special Starter 2-day workshop available through B Star Boutique. This workshop in offered only in August 2018.  Cost: $128.00.  Sign up early. 

1-Day Workshops

  • The Basic Sleeve>>>>Cost:  $75.00 
  • Collars>>>>Cost:  $56.00 (also available online)
  • Make your own pressing boards. Supplies & materials included >>>Cost:  $65.00
  • How to make a dress form. >>>>$50.00, participants must purchase a stand. (Also available online)

Draping:  Beyond the basic workshops 

Intermediate Draping

The two following workshops require the completion of the Level 3 Draping Workshop or completion

  • Draping the A-Line Dress 
  • Draping the Pencil Skirt
  • Draping the Sheath
  • Draping the Bodice:  French, Princess & Bustier
  • Sleeve variations--participants learn how to drape 4 sleeve variations. 
  • Skirts--participants learn how to drape 4 fashion skirts. 


Advance Draping

Vintage Dressmaking

In this comprehensive workshop participants learn basic couture techniques while constructing a garment from a true vintage sewing pattern.  

This workshop has two options:  

  • 5-Day Workshop (4 hours each day):  Construction of the muslin only  $200.00
  • 8-Day Workshop (4 hours each day) :  Construction of the muslin and final fashion fabric. $320.00

The Complete Process:  Design & Drape your own dress  (10 days) (Advance Draping)

In this workshop participants will design, drape and then construct their own creation in it's final fashion fabric using  half-scale miniatures and couture techniques. Pre-reqs.:  Complete basic draping.  

The Self-Draped French Jacket (32 hours)

In this workshop participants will design and drape their own version of the famous jacket Madame CoCo Chanel made famous.

The Vintage French Jacket (24 hours)

In this workshop participants will use a vintage sewing pattern as the muse for working up their own version of the jacket CoCo Chanel made famous. 


Learn how to sew denim jeans that look professionally-made, including a fly-front zipper, front pockets, patch pockets and with all the topstitching and hardware.  

Flat Pattern making Workshops

Dart Manipulation (Ten lessons)

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