Calandra "Callie" Cooper

I'm a self described creative.  Because I have more than one interest and a passion for many.   You can find me out and about fashion draping, constructing vintage designs, teaching vintage couture sewing techniques, drawing, painting, natural dying (because I love textiles) and doing all sorts of things on my urban farm, in my allotment garden, in my Makerhood studio or at Center Studio 518 doing the things I love doing---just because I do, including caring for my chickens, beekeeping and mushroom cultivating. 

My personal philosophy:  I don't try to be perfect.  I just try and love to learn.  #learnmore

Personal goals:  To keep living.

Greatest attribute:  I'm never afraid of trying.  And why shouldn't I. 

Pet-peeves:  People with nasty attitudes--I refuse to work with them. Or associate with them.

What did I want to be when I grew up? Clint Eastwood...he was cute, cool, tough and always can out on top--even if he got there the hard way.

Person I admire most:  Listen, there are TOO many people with great attributes.  I believe I can find something to admire about MOST people.  How could there ever be a "most" admired. 

Favorite activity:  Imagining up my many, many ideas--then planning them out. 



North Makerhood:  1141 N. 11 Street, Omaha, NE.  Email: 

Center Studio 518:  1941 S. 42nd St., Suite 518, Omaha.  Email:

Metropolitan Community College:

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