Hidden Roots allotment garden

We began constructing our allotment garden in 2015.  It's a work in progress and we have big plans for the area. First of all, it's a children's allotment garden--meaning when we begin offering "plots" for rental in 2018 those spots go to families with children-where the main focus revolves around children learning to garden with parental assistance. We believe this encourages young people to lead healthy lifestyles, learn about (and give back to) community while encouraging families to work and spend time together.  

I am also an instructor at Metropolitan Community College (our close neighbors) and occasionally hold class/workshops in the garden. 

MISSION:  To encourage children to become good stewardship of nature and wildlife, while teaching them how to grow healthy, fresh food for the purpose of leading a sustain healthy existence throughout their lives and to embrace the spirit of community and giving back. 

Calandra CooperComment