Natural dyeing is an ancient craft with a rich history.

Early dyers relied on easily obtainable natural botanical materials from flowering plants, grasses, bark, fungi, lichens, insects, vegetables and other “earth” items to add color to textiles. 

Ancient methods of dyeing have been long forgotten about, but are revealing themselves to us once again in this age of  "get it fast" and chemical-processes. 

Learn how to do things the way they were done in simplier-more beautiful times by joining us in this fun, hands-on workshop. 

Supplies are included in all workshops.

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The chemistry of The making:  

the indigo vat

During this workshop on day one the instructor discusses the unique chemistry of indigo, the principles of setting up and caring for a chemical and organic vat and preparation of textile before and after dyeing, including disposal of the vat. Students will them make their own indigo “mother” to take home for use in their future endeavors, learn how to keep a natural dye journal and dip some creations on day two. 

Cost per student: $120.00

3.5 hours each day.

May schedule as an all day workshop


natural magic =

indigo + shibori

Participants learn traditional shibori resist techniques:  clamping, scrunching and folding.  

4 hours

Cost per student:  $75.00

Add on:  Japanese paper marbling, Suminagashi. $15 per participant. 



wearing indigo Workshop: scarf

Participants create a luxurious one of a kind silk scarf by hand.  

3 hours

Participant Cost:  $45.00



Creative resist workshop

Participants make a creative textile piece using a resist & dipping method. 

4 hours

Participant Cost:  $55.00

Add on:  Japanese furoshiki $5/participant



indigo resist workshop

Learn how to make a rice flour resist before applying those skills to your own creatively-made design.  

4 hours

Participant Cost:  $85.00




Important Information

Supplies:  All supplies are included in workshop fees.  

Participant Requirements:  To keep the learning experience intimate there is a minimum and maximum allowable amount of students per workshop.  Minimum participants per each workshop is four (4).  The maximum number of participants per each workshop is 8 (eight).  

Deposit:  A deposit of half the costs are required at the time of the booking.

Cancellations:  A booking may be cancelled up to 90 days prior to the event with no cancellation fee.  Any monies and/or deposits paid will be refunded.  There are no refunds of monies or deposits paid if a workshop is cancelled within 89 days or sooner of a scheduled workshop.