The Chemistry of Making

During this 2-day workshop, Callie discusses the unique chemistry of indigo, the principles of setting up and caring for a chemical and organic vat and the preparation of textile before and after dyeing, including disposal of the vat. Students will them make their own indigo “mother” to take home for use in their future endeavors, learn how to keep a natural dye journal and dip some creations on day two. 

Cost per student: $100.00

4.0 hours each day.  All materials included. 

May schedule as an all day workshop

A Natural Magical Combination= Indigo + Shibori

Participants learn traditional shibori resist techniques:  clamping, scrunching and folding.  

4 hours

Cost per student:  $40.00.  Participants must bring their own muslin (100% cotton and/or silk) to use in the vat. 

Add on:  Japanese paper marbling, Suminagashi. $15 per participant. 

Wearing Indigo: the scarf


Indigo Resist

Participants create a luxurious one of a kind silk scarf by hand.  

3 hours

Participant Cost:  $45.00

All supplies included. 

Learn how to make a rice flour resist before applying those skills to your own creatively-made design.  

4 hours

Participant Cost:  $100.00

All supplies included. 

Important Information

Participant Requirements:  To keep the learning experience intimate there is a minimum and maximum allowable amount of students per workshop.  Minimum participants per each workshop is four (4).  The maximum number of participants per each workshop is 8 (eight).  

Deposit:  A deposit of half the costs are required at the time of the booking.

Cancellations:  As supplies and tools are purchased in advance of workshops-please be advised-there are no refunds unless the instructor cancels the workshop due to low enrollment. Thank you for understanding.