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Textiles & Natural Dyeing

Fabric marbling

Discover your artistic side with this introduction to fabric marbling as participants learn how to create a range of vibrant designs.

Wearable Art 

What you wear is art.  In this workshop, participants create fabric for a dress or skirt using fabric paint, stencils and more.  

Natural Dyeing

The Kaleidoscope Workshop

Create a kaleidoscopic art piece on textile as you discover how to incorporate binding, knotting, twisting and pleating in cotton fabric to achieve three-dimensional effects of color on day one! On day two, continue dipping and turn one of your creations into a knotted, Japanese furoshiki. 

Chemistry of Indigo

Explore the unique chemistry of indigo, the principles of setting up and caring for a chemical and organic vat and preparation of textile before and after dyeing. Students will them make their own indigo "mother" to take home for use in their future endeavors, learn how to keep a natural dye journal and the best part, you will get to dip some creations on day two. 


Discover specific Shibori techniques on day one in this workshop, including striped Shibori, honeycomb Shibori and ring Shibori. On day 2 continue dipping, in addition, while your creations are in the vat roll up your sleeves and learn the art of Japanese paper marbling, Suminagashi.

Arronia Berrie, the Super Food 

Natural Berry and Bark Inks

Natural Paints & Pastels.

Later Event: July 1